List of illnesses and associated possible treatments offered


The common illnesses in the alphabetic order, which Doctor Zhou can provide effective treatments, have been included in the table below together with possible treatments which can be deployed. If an issue you have experienced is not on the list, please call or email to discuss. For example, you can call or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have difficult miscellaneous diseases. 


The alphabetic order of Illnesses

  Possible Treatments  



Herbal medicines

Cupping therapy


Acupuncture Cupping therapy  Massage
Anxiety Acupuncture Reflexology (foot) Herbal medicines
 Arthritis Acupuncture Moxibustion Massage
Asthma Acupuncture Herbal medicines Massage
Back pain Acupuncture Massage  Cupping therapy 
Bronchitis Acupuncture Herbal medicines Moxibustion
 Candida Acupuncture Herbal medicines Massage
Colitis Acupuncture  Herbal medicines  Moxibustion 
Depression Acupuncture  Herbal medicines Massage 
Diabetes Acupuncture Herbal medicines Massage 
Diarrhea Acupuncture  Herbal medicines  Moxibustion 
Dizziness Acupuncture Herbal medicines  Massage
Eczema Acupuncture Herbal medicines  Massage 
Endometritis Acupuncture  Herbal medicines  Moxibustion
Fibroid Acupuncture Herbal medicines   Moxibustion 
Fibromyalgia Acupuncture  Massage  Herbal medicines 
Frozen shoulder Acupuncture Massage  Cupping therapy
Fungal infection  Acupuncture Herbal medicines  Massage 
 Gastritis Acupuncture  Herbal medicines  Moxibustion
Gout Acupuncture  Herbal medicines Massage
Acupuncture  Herbal medicines Massage
Hair loss Acupuncture  Herbal medicines Reflexology (foot)
Hay fever Acupuncture  Herbal medicines Cupping therapy
Headache Acupuncture  Herbal medicines Massage
Hemorrhoid Acupuncture  Herbal medicines Moxibustion
Herpes Acupuncture  Herbal medicines  
High/low blood pressure Acupuncture Herbal medicines Reflexology (foot) 
Hormone disorder Acupuncture Herbal medicines Massage
IBS Herbal medicines Acupuncture Massage
Impotence Acupuncture Herbal medicines Massage
Infertility Herbal medicines Herbal medicines Massage
Insomnia Acupuncture Herbal medicines Massage
Irregular period Acupuncture Herbal medicines Moxibustion
Itching & dry skin Herbal medicines Acupuncture Massage
Low immunity Acupuncture Herbal medicines Massage
Low sex drive Acupuncture Herbal medicines Massage
Low sperm count Herbal medicines Acupuncture Massage
Menopause Herbal medicines Acupuncture Massage
Migraine Acupuncture Herbal medicines Massage
Muscle atrophy & palsy Acupuncture Herbal medicines  Massage
 Obesity  Acupuncture Herbal medicines   Massage
 Panic attacks  Acupuncture  Herbal medicines  Massage
Paralysis  Acupuncture  Herbal medicines  Massage 
Polycystic ovary   Acupuncture Massage   Herbal medicines
Premature Ejaculation  Acupuncture  Herbal medicines  Massage
Prostatitis   Acupuncture  Herbal medicines   Herbal medicines
Psoriasis  Acupuncture Herbal medicines Massage 
Quit smoking Acupuncture Massage Herbal medicines 
Sciatica Acupuncture  Massage Herbal medicines 
Sinusitis Acupuncture Herbal medicines  Massage  
Slipped disc Acupuncture Massage   Herbal medicines
Sore throat Acupuncture  Herbal medicines Cupping therapy
Sports injuries Acupuncture  Massage Herbal medicines 
Sprain Acupuncture  Massage  Herbal medicines 
Stiff neck & shoulder Acupuncture  Massage  Cupping therapy
Stress Acupuncture   Massage  Herbal medicines
Tennis Elbow Acupuncture   Massage  Herbal medicines
Thyroid disorders Herbal medicines   Acupuncture Massage 
Ulcers  Herbal medicines  Acupuncture  
Vitiligo  Herbal medicines Acupuncture   



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