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Moxibustion (a form of heat treatment)

MoxibustionDescription: Moxibustion applies thermal stimulation through meridian points in a human body to release pain, such as back pain, headache, and period pain and strengthen the flow of blood to help cure illness such as diarrhea. The effect can be significant.



Moxibustion uses moxa which is made of paper strips. It can be direct or indirect. The method lights the end of moxa to be applied on acupuncture points. Warm aromatic drugs can be added onto moxa strips during the treatment. Treatment normally takes 10 minutes of direct contact to induce the body to respond, which causes reddening of the skin. Indirect moxibustion, also known as spacers, is when moxa makes no contact with the skin, but replies on heat and aromatic drugs during treatment to obtain the desired effect.



Stimulate the blood flow to release variety types of pains.


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