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herbal remedinesDescription: Chinese herbal medical treatments have evolved continuously over several thousand years and use natural ingredients which are extracted from a variety of plants. These include leaves, roots, stems, flowers, and seeds. Chinese herb medicines have been developed by understanding the different medical uses of different parts of plants in terms of their benefits in treating illnesses and diseases.



Traditionally, these herds need to be cooked into a liquid form to be consumed. Modern Chinese herbal medicine development in early 1950s made it possible for Chinese herbal medicines to be produced in the formulations of tablets, capsules, tinctures, pills, and powder. By the current regulations, we use powder formulations in our practices.



A prescription is a combination of different herbs in terms of their synthesised medical effects. Prescriptions normally comprise up to 15 different ingredients from 300 different varieties. An effective and powerful combination for treating specific illnesses or diseases requires the rich experience and knowledge of the Chinese medical doctor – the clinical practitioner. Each prescription is unique and tailor-made to a patient’s individual conditions.


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