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Cupping Therapy

cupping therapyDescription: The cupping therapy relies on local suction created in a small area on the skin surface. This suction helps the generation of histamine substances which are sent to the entire body to help to stimulate different body organs to improve their functions. This method promotes the free flow of Qi, improves blood circulation and this process also help to expel toxin from the human body for one to feel wellbeing afterwards.



It uses a cup (jar) or a set of cups, medicinally designed and produced, to be placed on the skin surface which is heated internal to dramatically remove the air from inside the jar to create suction. There are different types of cupping. The cup(s) can stay on the skin for a short time period. This method is suitable for the treatment of cough and cold, stomach pain, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and rheumatoid arthralgia. A repetitive movement of cupping and removing cups until the skin reddens to flush congestion, or the degree of congestion. This method is suitable for the treatment of local skin numbness and pain. Vaseline (or other lubricants) can be used on the skin then cupping. This method is suitable for the treatment of pains and numbness, rheumatism and other illnesses caused by muscles and skin disorders.


Cupping therapy relieves pains and other symptoms by mobilising air and blood flows in a human body to promote the healing of a broad range of medical ailments. It also conditions organs and stimulate blood circulation.



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