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Chinese Massage

chinese massage Description: Chinese massage relies on pressure from fingers and palms and applies a wide range of techniques. Chinese massage uses pinch, shake, pull and other techniques. When messaging, the local skin is reddened and skin temperature is increased, this strengthens and improves the circulations in a human body.



Chinese massage is following a human body’s specific points to stimulate breathing air (we Chinese call the breathing air as Qi, pronounced ‘chee’.) and improve Qi’s mobilization to improve the blood circulation in a human body.



Chinese massage enhances blood and lymphatic circulation. The massage also manipulates the soft tissue to help repair tissues and rebuild tissue functions. It can help to regulate the nervous system by stimulating it and also restricting it. Therefore, Chinese massage can help to relieve low back pain, headache, dizziness, and neurasthenia, through adjusting the nervous system through massaging. Daily ten minutes back massage can enhance physical fitness, immunity, and prevent diseases.


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