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Doctor zhou About me: Chinese Doctor- Dr Xiaoping ZHOU

I graduated from the Changchun Traditional Chinese Medical University, one of the most prestigious Chinese medical universities in China, in 1998.
After the graduation, I had worked as a doctor in a large hospital in Changchun city, a capital city in northern China for 9 years. I had practiced Chinese medicines in a great capacity during that time period. I was specialised in diagnosing causes for a variety types of pain and providing treatments for recovery. I was also specialised in treatments for infertility. All these treatments include the use of acupuncture, herbal medicines and massage.


I was invited to work in one of Dr & Herbs clinics in Brighton in 2007 to practice my Chinese medicines in England. I had worked for 4 years in Brighton and received a significant recognition from my patients, locally and from other countries, who came to Brighton on holidays. A few are still keeping in touch requiring further medication diagnoses form me over the years.


In 2011, I moved to Sheffield working at one of Dr & Herbs clinics firstly at Meadowhall and then at one in the Crystal Peaks. I have also established good relationships with my patients and some are regulars and recommend my treatments to their friends. For different reason, Dr & Herbs was closed for business nationwide in at the end of January, 2014.


I worked in Herb Inn since the beginning of 2014 until August 2014 when I decided to practice Chinese Medicine independently.


I started my own business at the summer 2014 using home as the base. I worked independently for those patients who required my diagnoses and treatments over one year.


In June, 2015, I started my own business. In August, 2015, I opened my own practice located in the market place in the Crystal Peaks shopping centre. This gives me an opportunity to develop my specialised areas in Chinese medicine practice to provide a range of effective treatments to some illnesses where Chinese medicine can have more profound effects and removes root causes.


I have a high standard professional attitude and moral standard and care for the wellbeing of my patients. I will only say yes and provide treatment for those health issues which I am confident in and will say no to those which my experiences do not cover.


M: 07587199188; E: favicon-grau
Address:28 The market place, Crystal peaks shopping centre, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S20 7PL


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