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I set up my Chinese Medicine Practice in June 2015. During the time, I had a few other options for my career as a Chinese medicine practitioner. However, I have established some unique trusting relationships with some of my patients in the local area and I would like to continue helping them, who require my diagnoses and treatments for a relatively long period. In August 2014, I opened my own practice, which is currently located in the market place in the Crystal Peaks shopping center.


I am a specialised in diagnosing the causes of different pains and providing suitable treatments to relieve them. I am also specialized in developing treatments for infertility. For details, see my  specialties.


I have a high standard of professional integrity and moral standard and care for the wellbeing of my patients. I will only provide treatments to patients whose illness and health issues where I have specialised knowledge and am confident to provide beneficial treatments.

I warmly welcome you to visit our web site - do look through the web pages and identify what kind of Chinese medical treatment you and your family and friend may need. To get more detailed information and specific diagnoses, you can either send your enquiry through our  Web Form  or alternatively, just call me on 07587199188.


Coronavirus message - we are here to help!

Chinese medicine has its unique power to treat some virus affected symptoms. If you have symptoms, like sore throat, high temperature, coughs (dry or with Sputum), muscle ache, etc. do get in touch with us through email   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or call us at 07587199188 for a free consultation!


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Address:28 The market place, Crystal peaks shopping centre, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S20 7PL


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